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PayXtra Umbrella was established to remove the day to day legislative nightmare of employing and paying contractors and freelancers.

PayXtra Umbrella remains committed to searching out new ways of further improving standards within the industry and making the lives of our employee contractors as stress free as possible, which is especially important in these difficult times.

At PayXtra Umbrella, we give our contractor workforce a clearer understanding of what the company does and reinforce our commitment to making everything we do simplified.

Since its formation PayXtra Umbrella has gone from strength to strength. It goes without saying that we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the fantastic relationships we’ve developed with recruitment agencies, recruiters and of course, our hard-working and loyal contractor employees. The primary aim of our award winning service is not only to provide you with unparalleled levels of support, but also to make the administration of your contracts as hassle-free and transparent as possible.

You will find more information on the nitty gritty of how we operate and how you can benefit from using our services by following the links below. We are confident you will soon see what makes us a preferred choice for over 1,500 recruiters and clients across the UK.

What is an Umbrella Co?
How an Umbrella Co works
Why choose PayXtra Umbrella

Why choose us


A Streamlined / Quality-Driven Process

Our processes are streamlined and quality driven to provide you specific results.

Dedicated Team

Our teams are dedicated to ensuring you achieve maximum success.

Business Consulting

Our consulting experts have one goal which is to ensure your ongoing success
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